Wow its the greatest !! My friends Arjinder and Vivian just loved your Cd, so they gave me a copy and I really enjoyed it, I hope to see you sing one day. Peace out” - Liz Kershaw
Edward Lee Live at Parker Place: very inspiring... brought a big smile to me today. Thank you Eddie :)” - CIN Business

— Youtube

Edi Lee, you are really a great singer !” - Janet Ooi, Malaysia
I have listened to all your songs. They are fantastic.” - Ray Cheung
Your Why Why Why Song Video: Awesome song, and some totally sensational images ... thumbs up to ya.” - Qualqui, Mexico

— Youtube

Edward, your singing is so beautiful.Bravo” - Bosco Lee, Vancouver
Inspiring My friends and I listened to many of your songs and agree that we are impressed by your ability to have such an impressive range of notes. Your lyrics are so original and thought provoking. Keep singing Eddy, we got love for you.” - Lesah
I think your music is amazing !” - Sarkis, Yukon
Congratulations Edward ! Listeners on American Idol Underground have rated your song Well Well Well number 13 and is among the top 50 tracks in the Rock genre.”

— American Idol Underground

I've listened to your 3 CDs. I think it is great. There are quite a few songs that I like: Why Why Why, Little Blue Light, It's Only a Dream, Nostalgia, Bubbles in the Sky, etc. I like the melodies and the words.” - T.S.Mock