Edward Lee is a Canadian Artist blessed with multi-cultural influences. An award-winning singer and songwriter originally from Hong Kong, he has extensive stage and T.V. performing experiences. His appearances on many different occasions ran from the kitchen of a friend in Macao to the Governor's Mansion in Washington U.S.A. His songs are spontaneous, philosophical and cross-cultural. His favorite themes are Love and Life.

Edward says he is from the East, West, North and South. He calls himself a Cosmopolitan. He is an alumnus or associate of a good number of universities and higher institutes in Hong Kong, U.S.A., Canada, Australia and Great Britain. Besides Music, he also has various amateurish or semi-professional experiences in the areas of broadcasting, acting, film and television. Edward says he made the best decision in his life, that after a quiet period, he became musically and artistically active again. The reason, he says, is this, " It makes me and others happy."

Edward was a champion of the Hong Kong Music Festival, champion of the Hong Kong Talent Quest Songwriting Contest, and first runner-up of the Hong Kong Singing Talent Quest. He was honored to be on the best-selling English Folk Pop album in Hong Kong with other talented recording artists, including Sam Hui, the Father of Canto Pop (Life Records). Edward re-discovered his inner musical self in the Yukon Territory, and became musically active again. In 1998, he released his first independently-produced inter-cultural CD Enter into Life's New World, an album with 13 of his original Anglo-Chinese pop songs. Since then, he was on a few compiled or sampler CDs ( Indiepool, The Yukon Samplers etc. ).

Edward was on the Yukon Team, attending the 2001 Folk Alliance Music Conference in Vancouver B.C. In that year, he released his all English CD Light and Fire with 10 of his original songs. 2003 was a special year. Edward paid a visit to the Experience Music Project (EMP) in Seattle and gave a guest performance there. He also acted as a first-time Pop juror for the Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMA): " I felt so honored and humble, having to listen to a stack of CDs and select the best recordings of some accomplished musicians like Jann Arden, Holly McNarland and Tegan & Sara. It was awesome ! " In 2004, Edward released a new CD Why Why Why.The original songs on the album are in his typical style of Folk, Pop and Rock, with a twist of World and his own uniqueness. Again, he acted as a Pop juror for the WCMA: "It was really tough, to decide between Nelly Furtado and Sarah McLachlan. I chose Nelly who did win, but I wish I could have given them a tie".

By the summer of 2007, the world had transformed itself into a Youtube community. Edward took the opportunity to co-create a music video with his musician friend Jandy Rainbow for his song Why Why Why. It was made very much in sync with his values and efforts, to support and promote inter-cultures, freedom and world peace. In 2013,Edward released a new album Happy and Free with 12 of his original songs.He says it is a philosophical and spiritual album, as the subject matters are about freedom, love and peace.What is life without love and happiness? What is life without freedom and peace? What is life unless one is connected with others, infinity and everything? - these are the questions that Edward asks. Happy and Free is a well-produced album, the result of good work of an A-team of musicians and project participants, including Andrea McColeman, Cory Chouinard, Dave Haddock, Edward Lee, Fawn Fritzen, Graemme Brown, Jim Holland, Lonnie Powell, Paul Stephens and Wil Wong.

Edward was influenced by and compared with many different artists, including Chris Isaak, Ennio Morricone, John Lennon, Neil Young, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, John Denver, Peter Paul & Mary, Leonard Cohen, Sam Hui and others. Edward said he felt lucky, happy and honored, that he had the opportunities to perform at the same venues or meet with many great producers, artists and musicians, including Sam Hui, Michael Hui, Wong Jim, Andy Lau, Teddy Robin, Anders Nelsson, Choy Wor Ping (Robert Chua), Leung Sing Bor, Fay Fay ( sister of Alfred Sung ), Sum-Sum ( wife of Bruce Lee's brother Robert Lee ), Angela Mak, Wil Wong, Stephen Yan, Michael J. Fox, Holly Cole, Kelly Brock, Teri-Lynn Puckett, Ivan Zenovitch, Don Ross, Valdy, Nicole Edwards, Frederick Johnnie, Kim Beaupre, Kevin and Chris Moir, Tom Inglis, Caroline Drury, Shauna McLarnon, Marija, Neil Byblow, Bruce Bergman, Doug Robertson, Jimmy Salt, Laurie Malo, Robbie McKay and many others.

"Music lives.... so should we", Edward quotes from a poster he saw in Whitehorse. Edward says Music is ageless, powerful, always alive and soul-healing. He recommends Music to everyone.