1. Light and Fire

From the recording Light and Fire


There's a light in the sky
Don't know why
Don't know why
All I know All I see
is this light shining bright in the sky
What is this light shining so bright ?
What is this light up there in the sky
In the sky ?

It's my life Don't wanna die
Don't wanna lie
Don't wanna fight
All I know All I feel
is this fire burning bright deep inside
What is this fire keep me so warm ?
What is this fire deep down in my heart
Deep inside ?

You touch my soul
You read my mind
You melt my heart
You treat me right
I know it's true
You give me light
You give me warmth
You give me love
You give me life

You are the light
You are the fire
There's so much love
running into my life
Deep inside Make me cry
Deep inside Make me smile
Deep inside Make me cry...

All rights reserved
Edward Y.H. Lee, Socan